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Want to Improve Your Business? Improve Yourself First



Ever hear a business owner say they are happy with the way their business is or say they don’t want to improve their business because it’s perfect? This is like asking are if you are satisfied making fifteen dollars and don’t want to try for any more. Doesn’t really make much sense, does it?

So what does it take to improve your business? You could change the merchandise you carry or the services that are offered. Perhaps an upgrade to your storefront or a brand new promotion. Even a marketing campaign to attract more interest. While these are all very good ideas and may even show a slight increase, but you’re still missing the number one asset that can be changed; you! Often times business owners overlook their own behavior, attitude, and actions as the best way to improve your business and a whole host of other benefits.

It all starts with you. Your employees take note of how you act, how you treat them, how you treat the customers. They observe more about you than you could possibly think. Imagine for a second being the main attraction at the circus. Where is everyone’s focus? It is directly on you. You’re probably focusing on the high-wire act that you are about to perform; in this case, running your business. What you may not realize is just how many eyes are on you at that very moment. They are watching for every imperfection, every mistake, every little facial expression that you make. Ok so this is a little dramatic but you get the picture. But then begs the question of where to begin? How do you change?

First, take a few moments to examine yourself, your surroundings, and how you react to your surroundings. Become cognizant of what your employees are observing. This self reflection is necessary for you to understand yourself from a different perspective. Ask yourself these questions: If I was an employee working for me, would I be happy or racing to the door to find a new job? If I was a customer shopping from me, would I make that purchase today without hesitation or running to my competitor as quickly as I can? These two questions will help you understand if you are doing things right, or perhaps in need of some change.

In nearly every business that we have helped, there was always room for improvement. And the outcome? Every employee of the businesses that we worked with were happier. Window shoppers became customers and customers became returning patrons. The best part was revenues often times increased by double digits or more, simply by making a few small changes. Here are the basics of what we do to help:

1.) Find out what makes your employees happy. For some its money, others its the benefits, and still some others its public recognition. There isn’t a formula that you can use to determine this. It’s all about asking questions and listening.

2.) Strengthen your customer service skills. Thinking back to the questions earlier, put yourself in your customers shoes. Treat them the way you would want to be treated.

3.) Look at every touchpoint. Leave no stone unturned throughout your business. Ensure that the environment you have is what you want your employees to experience and your customers to experience.

4.) Help your employees / customers, help them again, and then go the extra mile. This means being the best you can to both your employees and customers. Trust us, happier employees = greater productivity. Happier customers = higher and more sales. Here’s the added bonus: employees and customers alike who have a great experience are willing to tell ten of their friends about you. Think about this for a second. If you have five customers each tell ten of their friends that they had a bad experience, how much of the market share did you just lose? Word of mouth is huge and is the only marketing that you can’t buy or promote.

5.) Provide a means for feedback. Everyone loves to hear the good news and receive praise but we also know that nobody likes criticism. Feedback will give you both and both are essential if you want to improve. The silver lining in all of this, it also gives you a chance to make things right in the instances where something went wrong.

It really is that simple. Improve yourself to improve your business. Putting us in you, the reader’s shoes for just a second, you’re probably wondering why a marketing company is talking about improving yourself and how to be better at customer service and talking about how to run your business. Guess what, we built our business on these sound principles and we’ve been doing it for a while; quite successfully I might add. It is also an essential part of marketing that most people overlook. One of our biggest services we offer isn’t marketing at all; it’s helping business owners like yourself improve and build yourself up. Now there are two types of people reading this: those who know it all and are happy with the way things are, and those who are curious and want to know more. For that second group, give us a call. It doesn’t cost anything for the call and we’ll provide a detailed analysis of how we can help you, at no charge! Give us a call today to arrange your complimentary analysis.

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