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To say that we do advertising or marketing would be wrong. While we do offer those services, we are entrepreneurs, innovators, and catalysts for growth. Our passion comes from helping other businesses succeed. Experius Marketing created a unique process that allows our clients to realize tremendous growth while strengthening their internal systems. We are the first in the industry to offer a system of hives which provides a dedicated team of professionals designed to analyze every angle and deliver proven results.

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Experius Marketing was founded in 2012 in Traverse City, MI. We may be a little ways away from any of the large cities, ok maybe more than a little ways but there is a ton of talent and experience here, plus its beautiful year round here. We have looked at so many advertising companies, marketing agencies and web design shops to see what it is that they are doing that is unique. Guess what we found; nothing. Of the 3 million marketing and advertising agencies nationwide, not a single one has anything unique about them. They’re only focus is on making your product or service known to the world. Our philosophy is a little different. We focus on your business, what it is doing great, what it needs to work on and we develop a game plan with you to build a better business. To us, it’s personal and we want to make sure that you succeed. Granted we make our bread and butter off of this but more importantly, its businesses like yours that help provide jobs to local communities, and that is why we truly care about your business succeeding.

Aside from being a partner in business with you, we have taken a different approach to helping you succeed. Our team is made up of Hives™, a means of providing a dedicated group of individuals that is knowledgeable in your business area of which becomes their primary focus. With this approach, someone who is well versed in education will only work on education projects which makes them experts in that field. Simply put, you wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix an electrical issue would you? This is why our patented approach is so successful. We also take the time to get to know you as the owner, your team of employees and your business. We also dive deep into your community to learn about the prime demographic for your business so that we only target the right audience with your branding which in the end saves money, saves time, and increases your conversion rate. In addition, we focus on our two biggest assets: our employees and you. Every employee is not just another 9 to 5 worker; they’re family. Likewise, you as our client are our closest partners which is why we say that we succeed when you succeed.

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